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Keller life
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-10-22 07:44:09
Erm...I got confused there. You wrote "Greif Keller", meaning the one in the Kellerwald, but I mistakenly had in mind the Lieberth Kreuzberg Keller, specifically that one being the most traditional one in its general area. Anyway, the new beers at Friedel's Brauhaus am Kreuzberg are so improved over previous years that I went back for visits on Friday and Sunday, the latter with Mrs. Specifically, the Saphir Pils is probably the best German Pils I have ever had: hoppy and bitter, with real hop flavour and aroma. (Except for various experimental ones at the Brau Beviale.) Pfefferkarpfen was good too, as was herself's malt-crusted carp filet. Pommes were "meh".
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