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Keller life
Posted by barry on 2012-10-22 09:38:47
Now I'm confused! No matter, it was the Greif Keller that I meant - during our couple of visits, whilst waiting for you to trundle up the mountain! Beer great or, at least, pretty good, management, so, so. Wow, Friedel must have been good though, actually, it's not the beers that I found objectionable but plonking a dirty great place like that alongside Lieberth and Rittmeyer. I would keep drinking Lieberth's beers just out of principle, although they are a bit disappointing. What does 'Saphir' mean? Just looked it up and it means 'sapphire'. Is the beer blue or what? No comment on the food. Some time back, someone mentioned visits to Friedel's old brewery. Having passed it a good few times on the bus, I wonder if that's possible? Andi is a very friendly guy so I suppose that it's really a question of being there when he is.
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