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Keller life
Posted by Nick B. on 2012-10-22 23:38:23
I wouldn't say it's citric like Cascade, but it is more pungent than the classic German varieties. Well, at nearly 20 years old, Saphir is nearly a classic now, I suppose! ;) (Deutsch "Oldtimer" == English "classic car") Anyway, Norbert appears to use enough of the Saphir that you can actually smell, taste, and ENJOY them in this beer. Other breweries who've brewed a Saphir beer have been indistinguishable from other beers IME, but I've not had any of those you list. It reminded me the other day of the best American-brewed commercial Pils I've ever had (*): Widmer (Portland Oregon) summer seasonal Pils from 1997-1998 or so. Perhaps they also used Saphir...? (*)Victory Prima ain't a good *Pils*. Oh, it's a fabulous beer, but it's too strong and hoppy to be a proper Pils. An India Pale Lager.
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