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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2012-10-22 10:30:25
Saphir (english: "sapphire") is a aroma hop from the Hallertau. Developed from the Hopfenforschungszentrums Hüll. Available since 1993. You can say it is a German answer against the american citrus hops p.e. cascade. Used for German Pilner and other bottom fermented beers. Some German brewers named beers as "Saphir" to declare that they have used this Hallertauer hop. p.e. the Brewery Zwettler in Austria or "Schönramer Saphir Bock" or "Friedel Keller Saphir Bock" or "Mahrs Bräu Saphir Weisse" and many others worldwide
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