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Franconia July/August 2019
Posted by BrianW on 2019-01-31 10:29:33
I am getting close to finalizing my rough itinerary for my first real visit to Franconia this summer, somewhere at the end of July or beginning of August.  Initially I had planned to visit with my wife to celebrate my 50th birthday and our anniversary, but it has turned into a family vacation with two young teenagers, so more sightseeing and less beer drinking.  We are flying into Berlin since my wife and kids have never been there, making our way to Bamberg and surrounding sights for a few days, then heading down to Munich and flying home from there. So I need to figure out a Franconian itinerary that gets maximum beer for me and sights to see for the family while I'm drinking. We will have a car and my wife is willing to drive me around.

I'm definitely spending a day or two in Bamberg.
Probably a day in Pottenstein, since there seems to be fun family things to do there.
I'd thought about Drei Kronen and Hartmann (my friend's last name is Hartmann and I'd like to bring him a souvenir)
Probably a day in Nuremberg

1) Annafest--worth it? And should my wife and kids drop me off for the day or would they enjoy themselves?
2) If you knew it was going to be your last visit ever to Franconia and you had one day, where would you go and what beers would you drink?  (Excluding Bamberg, since I'm definitely going there no matter what I do). Any recommendations on a perfect beer served in a spectacular biergarten setting particularly appeciated.
3) Any brewers that are approachable to talk about their brewing? I am a homebrewer and would love to learn from the source.
4) Any castles, museums, or other sights that shouldn't be missed? 

Looking forward to possibly meeting some of you this summer.

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