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Franconia July/August 2019
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-02-01 09:17:56
I can't much to my esteemed colleagues recommendations - particularly as they tend to be places where we have been together.

There are lots of kellers scattered about Franken, most of which are pretty good (did nobody mention Spezikeller in Bamberg - beer from Spezial and the most beautiful views of the city) but I think that that a trip to Stiebarlimbach and Roppelt's is as good as any - then you climb up the hill by the keller and try those up there.

I must put in a little plea fir a visit to Neder in Forchheim - apart from it being being as characterful as any town pub, anywhere (and there are certainly some interesting characters there!), sitting outside, by the Alte Rathaus, on a summer's day or evening, is fantastic; not to mention, of course, the amazing experience of sitting inside - and the beer is usually good as well!

I second the suggestion of Merkendorf, two great breweries in one little village.  But, you are spoilt for choice and won't be disappointed, whatever you do.