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Franconia July/August 2019
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2019-02-01 09:32:27
Canalissimo is from 25th to 28th July. 

Maybe Kulmbach is a nice location for the total family:
- A beer museum more interesting for visitors as in Bamberg. Owner is the industrial brewery Kulmbach (minority share of Heineken). It is a combination with a museum for spices and a museum aboutfür bakeries.
- A castle - Plasssenburg with a historic museum
- The Kommunbeäu Kulmbach with good beers. My recommandation for food, cooke
with beer.

A map about the best castles, museums etc in the region.

In combination with a brewery visit in Memmelsdorf (better: Wagner in Merkendorf nearby) I recommend a visit of the Schloß Seehof with a nice english garden.

Vierzehnheiligen in Lichtenfels:
- a brewery behind the church (very good beers)
- a beautiful church
Nice beweries in the surrounsings:, p.w.
Mwtzgerbräu Uwetzing
and some other breweries.
It's a butcher with good "Brotzeiten" (bread with smoked ham). A crazy small store for the village people.
       Franconia July/August 2019 by Mark Andersen on  2019-02-01 10:26:17