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Franconia July/August 2019
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-02-01 06:09:07
Franz Roppelt will talk about his Kellerbier, Bockbier, and Weizen in Franconian. If I'm there, I'll help you out, if you need it.

AFA driving from Berlin goes, I say, think about driving. Experience the Autobahn, unless it's something you got enough of in the past. A family on the train might be a bit of a challenge that you might not want to deal with on your precious time, but then again, maybe it would be fun, certainly different to what you get in the US. I've gone around about this myself. And you're lucky to have Mrs driving...nice!

I would definitely throw in a walk around Forchheim, have someone point out the "Mauerscheisser" depicted on the town hall wall. Well, you'll be there for Annafest anyway. Annafest...danger. The beer is so drinkable, and so strong (well, relatively speaking).
           Franconia July/August 2019 by Carl on  2019-02-01 07:34:11