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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-05-30 02:45:56
They certainly have sprung up in Prague, to the point that, sometimes, it's difficult to find a lager in them.

The reaction to the new wave of beers (the US style IPA's etc.) is interesting, though my range of personal connections is a bit limited to my home area.  My regular drinking companions tend to be of my approximate vintage (let's say 65+, though older in some cases!).  Generally, they (and me) prefer beers that might be though of as traditional English, such best bitters, rather than the extreme hoppy types.  It's the balance of malt and hops in such beers that is the attraction.

A number of my friends from the Franken forum are from the USA, where the IPA revolution has been ongoing for some time.  Not surprisingly, they find easy acceptance with the sort of beers that are predominating in the new bars in Prague, though are revered founder, although happy to drink the IPAs,  names the Fabian and Uneticke beers as his favourites (or, at least, near the top of the list?),  Perhpaps it is because he is fringing into my/our age group (apologies Fred).

A few local surprises this week: yesterday's visit to the Albion, Conwy, found that nearly all the beers were of retatively strength, with at least half under 4% and none over 5% - lovely!  Second came whilst talking to the proprietor of the Bay Hop, Chris.  I was trying a stout from Big Hand (Black Knight, which was quite good) and asked him about the growing number of darker beers on sale.  He, and his assistant, Tom, both like these beers and he informed me that they were much in favour with the younger element - interesting.  Back to the Albion: a chap came in looking for draught Guinness, which, of course, is not sold in the Albion.  Between Rhian (barmaid) and myself, we persuaded him to try a cask stout (it was Snowdon Nomad at 3.8% - I tried it later and it was good) and he rather reluctantly agreed.  The good news was that he really liked it.  Maybe it will tempt him away from the dreaded nitro-keg stuff in future - one can only hope!
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