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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-05-30 04:27:08
Well being one of your Franken forum friends from the USA that was just in Prague I'll also chime in.  Just like Fred and you Uneticke is one of my favorites among other traditional styles in Prague (Vinohradsky lagers, Hostomice, PU, etc.).  I go there to drink those beers and indeed with probably the one exception (a Matuska Raptor IPA) that is all I drank. 

That being said ...the presence of the plethora of new age beer bars in Prague with a variety of beers on tap (including IPA's, sours, chocolate oatmeal stouts, and yes even a traditional type lager or two) does not bother me in the least and I do enjoy visiting them from time to time when there.  Why?  Because I think it shows the enthusiasm that the younger generation in Czechia has for beer and this can only be a good thing in the long run.  I would be very concerned if there weren't new breweries (like Uneticke) brewing traditional styles.  But there are plenty of those also amongst the breweries making US style IPAs.  So it's not like we're being deprived of what we want.  And for full disclosure ..... every once in a great while I like to break it up and have something different than a lager if for no other reason out of curiousity to taste how breweres over there are doing at brewing ales.

I've always said that the thing that I find really amazing about the Prague beer scene is that it blends the old, traditional beer culture beautifully with modern day, youthful, enthusiastic beer culture.  It has it all and is lacking in nothing.  I mean  even  Matuska which is known for it's American styles (they even name one of them California pale ale) is now making a credible attempt at a traditonal style lager in it's new brewery in Karlin.  If only they didn't serve it in a .4l glass (gasp!).

Oh and one thing I'm going to add about these crafty beer bars in Prague (like Beer Geek, the Craft House, Maly Velky, etc.) is that the typically younger staff I've encountered at them have been very friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful.  In other words, in my experience, they have been pleasant places to visit.  They're doing something right.
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