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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-05-31 06:34:00
I don't think that we disagree in principle, Mark, only in a few details.  Re 'new' breweries: I'm not sure that we should categorise Uneticke or Hostomice really as new breweries, though they do have new owners and new buildings.  However, their traidtions go back centuries and they claim that their brewing styles are based on historical designs, to some extent.  It's a bit like Zoigl: the brauhaus in Eschawo less than 200 years old but the tradition goes back to the 15th century, at least.  

I totally agree about the staff of the craft beer bars in Prague and also about enthusiasm of younger people for beer - it seems to me that it's much the same everywhere, which is not surprising because the modern beer types are really a new invention.  It will take some time for us oldies to get used to them (not sure if I, anda lot of my generation, ever really will!).

However, it is a fact, easily observable, that, in the new bars, the overwhelming number of beers are not traditional lagers -  viz. Dva Kohout, Lya, Galerie, Trilobit, Napalme, Zupaty Pes, Bubenec, Nubeerbar, Lajka, - you could go on.  Fred's Facebook postings where he includes photo's of beer boards are fairly instructive in this matter.

Is this a good or a bad thing?  Like beauty, it's probably in the eye of the beholder - or in this case, the mouth of the drinker.
           Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations by Mark Andersen on  2019-05-31 10:38:37
             Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations by Mark Andersen on  2019-05-31 11:31:07
               Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations by Barry Taylor on  2019-06-01 01:54:58