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Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-05-31 10:38:37
True the brewery (Uneticke) has a long history but according to their website they shut down in 1951 and finally reopened in 2011 and had to be revived and rebuilt.  So for all intents and purposes it is a new brewery with new ownership.  I'm glad, as I know you are, they have revived the traditional styles along with it and have done a great job at it.  

As to one of your other points.  You are responding as if I had suggested that the new bars we're talking about are not overwhelmingly not the traditional Czech styles.  I never claimed that they were.  I stated that they usuall have a lager or two available. I've been to most of the places mentioned and have seen the beer boards first hand.  But thanks for picking a nit once again.

             Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations by Mark Andersen on  2019-05-31 11:31:07
               Crisp-bitter & biscuity recommendations by Barry Taylor on  2019-06-01 01:54:58