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OT: Complaining about Zoigltag, plus, SOME BEER CONTENT
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-11 03:33:24
But you didn't say ***I***, you just said "a day to avoid". Like I said, I redressed the balance. I've moved on, worked up or not.  

I'm not sceptical about you giving up alcohol. I AM sceptical when people make massive u turns in their living habits and make a big show of it. I'm no psychologist but it strikes me as being confused and suggests a loss of direction. I see it on FB from you every day. And on that particular medium you're very loud about doing it. Same with the diet thing. And the Vegas thing. Nothing wrong with doing any of it, but you seem to be trying to convince people (or yourself, more to my point) that it's a good thing. If it makes your life better, do it, I wish you all the best, but it struck me that "the man doth protest too much". I get it, it happens all the time, when people suffer a trauma or big life change like divorce for example, they typically throw themselves into new things, new lifestyles, in an effort to find themselves again. But these are often phases which wear off over time. Who knows, maybe your beer drinking phase was just that, and now you're reverting to who you want to be.  

When I'm in a good place, and I imagine it's the same with most people, I balance all the things I enjoy with the things I 'have' to do in my life. Unless it's seriously affecting your health or lifestyle, giving something up that you enjoy is an extreme measure, especially when I wouldn't call you anything like an alcoholic - you used to water down good beer with NA beer for goodness sake. One day, I may have to cut down, but there's no way I would give up something that has given me so much in my life (as a beverage, but more so as an inspiration to travel, engage with people and move abroad). Similar to your story. 

Anyway, going way off topic here. 
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