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OT: Complaining about...
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-09-22 02:02:05
The way people market themselves today is simply unseemly. I try to do the same thing and nobody gets it except those few who have the same interests I do. That's to be expected, I guess.

The things I used to get worked up and food and whatever else I used to argue about on here. Then life took a dramatic, sudden change (divorce is HELL, as they say, second only to death) and I ended up living amongst and befriending people from backgrounds so completely opposite to mine that I would've 

If I've not said it before, B & I used to laugh about the idea of visiting Vegas. She'd been once for work, and we took two trips to Reno in the 90s when we were young together.  I ONLY ENDED UP THERE AS A FLUKE. And then something clicked. I was trying to start up a new life for me and also for B, and I walked into trouble. 

I hope I don't offend anyone ever again on here, you're all (mostly) good people. Wish I had the luxury of a place to live, a job, and the time to pursue hobbies like I used to. Life has its ups and downs, and I'm in a down phase. I'm trying to cope. Sorry if I haven't managed it well on here. Nothing new for me, I've always struggled with social competency. It's a miracle I made it 52 years before ending up in trouble.

Be grateful for what you all have. The luxury to come on here and go on about your beer hobbies. 
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