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OT: Complaining about...
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-09-23 06:36:45
I've probably spent more time on a Bayerische Stammtisch than most people on this forum (probably than most non-German residents) due to my involvement in Eschawo.  At the Weisse Schwann, the talk is rarely about beer (Zoigl) except probably when I'm there.  But, the regulars are all very old friends and the Stammtisch was set up to continue their friendship rather than to discuss Zoigl.   

My view, and one that I've previously stated, is that this Forum should be able to accommodate a reasonable breadth of discussion but without going too wildly away from Frankische beer for too long.  AFAIK, Fred set this Forum up to talk about Frankische beer but I think that he would accept that other topics are ok - but not for too long.

My sympathies are with you Nick, we've known each other long enough to be able to talk like adults but this is certainly not a good substitute for proper marriage guidance.