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OT: Complaining about...
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-09-23 02:13:57
Thanks for the good wishes, but it is not a normal thing for Mrs & me. People kill themselves over ended marriages.

And it is but one of many things I'm currently going through, whereas from 15 until 2 years ago, I hadn't a care in the world, except the matter of the slowlydecaying marriage. I don't have a job. I am moving back to the US, not sure where. Maybe I'll find someone who will help me get a good job when I get there. I am not rich, I am living off savings.

I have lots of familial baggage to deal with. My parents are declining. My sister's gone nuts. The matter of my getting into a bit of legal trouble in that US city that shan't be named again...trivial in comparison. But enough complaining. Thanks again for your well wishes. 

In the discussion above about my no longer drinking alcohol, I admit to having lost track of what Jason was getting at. The fact is, I am better off without it. It is a depressant, and in my case, it depressed my life. We wouldn't be here having this back-n-forth today if it weren't for my decades-long obsession with it, but life is what it is.

Since this is a "virtual Stammtisch" Franconian beer the only thing people discuss at real life Stammtisches? If one person goes on about a topic too long or too deep, the conversation will be directed away from that...kind of like in a British pub. Go figure.

If it gets ugly, cross words might be exchanged at a Stammtisch. In a British pub, glassing might occur. In an American bar...gunshots! Perspective.

Sorry again Fred for any stress. I'm trying to be good.
                         OT: Complaining about... by Barry Taylor on  2019-09-23 06:36:45