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Mahrs Bock 5€
Posted by TomM on 2019-10-15 06:08:01
Thanks for the clarification. It sounds to me like the biggest problem is beer inconsistency and the discontinuation of the Bayischer anstich "U" they used to tap every day. Looking on their website, the actual drinking areas look the same as I remember. You could make an argument that being "very popular among students" is a good thing. Better to introduce them to Franken beer rather than drinking Desperados and mixed concoctions. People pay what they can afford, but I guess if other brewery taps and bars see Mahr's getting away with charging very high prices then they will be encouraged to raise theirs.

The last time I was there was before Stefan took over. It was March and the kachelofen was heating up the tap room nicely. The keg Helles was good and then they tapped the "U" and it was excellent, one of the beery highlights of my trip. (I was joined at my table by two Japanese fellows. Got to talking to them and one turned out to be a brewer who had just got done working at Thornbridge in Derbyshire. We went across the street to Keesmann for a few and then took a cab to Spezial. They then headed off to the rail station and Laaber near Regensburg where they were going to visit weizen brewers Plank. But I digress...).
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