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Mahrs Bock 5€
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-10-16 02:36:29
I've written a lot about the downfall of Mahrs in the past, so not much point in repeating all the points. Jason has summarised it pretty well. It's just a shame because I have great memories of days and nights in Mahrs when it and U was my favourite place & beer in Bamberg. But, life moves on. Breweries and bars change, some for the better (not so many) and some for the worse (more). New places appear and take their place. I regret the (imho) demise of Mahrs and I'm not so fond of Keesmann to make to many visits to Wunderberg, which is part of the reason why I base myself outside Bamberg but close enough to make easy visits to the places that I like while visiting all the great rural breweries that offer such a great experience. And, now, there's Prague. But that's another thing!
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