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Mahrs Bock 5€
Posted by TomM on 2019-10-16 04:11:08
I would guess Herr Michel would claim that he has to pay for bands at special events somehow, either through entrance fees or higher prices. The prices at the tap are normally €3.10 per seidla according to their website. He might also say that Bamberg is chock full of traditional breweries and bars appealing to an older clientele, and he is trying to provide something different for a younger audience. That doesn't excuse poor beer though.

Jason, you are right about Plank. I have been there too and have seen their "Wall of Fame" with all the awards for their wheat beers. They do have other beers. I tried their helles on tap and found it about as interesting as Carling or Bud. What did you think?
                 Mahrs Bock 5€ by Jason on  2019-10-16 07:12:12
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