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Mahrs Bock 5€
Posted by Jason on 2019-10-17 05:58:51
It's a good point, deterioration vs change. As you say, the extra carbonation and colder temperature could be the only impact, the U having a had very subtle, fruity flavours that led to some likening it to a British bitter, which would be lost as a result of these changes. Though as said, i've had the U from barrels since the change in the tap and it still lacks something. The Helles as well, it was full of diacytel on one ocassion, though at the last try it was fine, if a little class-less. 

These aren't empirical conculsions of course, just my opinion. I'll keep trying, if only in the hope that my memory of it's greatness will fade or i'll become less of a beer snob. It remains a classic pub, especially the front room. The prices/attitude to customers irks me though. 
                     Mahrs Bock 5€ by Mark Andersen on  2019-10-17 09:20:18
                       Mahrs Bock 5€ by Barry Taylor on  2019-10-17 11:10:51
                         Mahrs Bock 5€ by Mark Andersen on  2019-10-17 20:20:28
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