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OT: News from Eschawo
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-09-12 06:25:09
I had long natter with my friend in Eschawo this week.  It seems that things are more or less back to normal, with all the Zoiglstube now open.  There have been significant changes at Gloser, with the 'garden' area repaved - it was getting fairly dangerous underfoot) and some extention.  Also a new food preparation area has been built, though meals will still be served from the old kitchen - just how Hermione managed to do everything from such a small space is amazing, considering that Gloser have one of the most extensive menus in Eschawo.  The Stub'n is also open on Wednesday eves (in addition to its rostered monthly times), though this will probably end soon as M & H have bought a new motorhome and are setting off to tour Itlay soon!  Check the Zoiglbier site (also to read my English-language history of Zoigl!).

I hope to get back there in the not too distant future, though what I will drink in my imposed teetotal state is anyone's guess!  Perhaps the 'Ludwig Mix' - half Zoigl/half water?  Sounds revolting but I'll see what my consultant says, whenever I get the chance to speak to him!
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