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OT: News from Eschawo
Posted by barry on 2021-09-20 03:30:26
Tend to agree with you about Eschawo and Neuhaus (now ducking head to avoid missiles from Eschawo!).  Fiedlschneider has Zoigl brewed by Binner (well, Rob Sperber's 'assistant' Hogie, actuially), so is usually ok.  I understand that the food is well thought of (not my taste, generally) and it is a very coy place, with a nice outside area.  Ropud'n is ... well, just Roud'n - Anton is a one-off.  The Zoigl is up and down in quality (not surprising for a brewer who only drinks red wine!) but the atmosphere is one of the best in Eschawo - it's a bar that still reverts to the family living room when it's not open to the public!
Whatever way, you'll have fun!