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OT: News from Eschawo
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2021-09-13 06:47:53
It will be fun to bring a couple of first timers there.  I've been talking with my friend Dylan (who I know you've met) about visiting Neuhaus/Eschawo for a few years and this time we're finally making the time to do it.

I've always enjoyed Schoilmichel and liked Schafferhof on my one visit to it.  So I know we'll have them to fall back on at the very least.  Never been to Roud'n.  Been to Fiedlschneider once and it's not one of my favorites but we'll still pop in to give it a try.  It was overly crowded the first time I went with Dorothy.  I don't recall if I liked the beer or not.  I think over the years I've enjoyed the Stube in Neuhaus better although there are still a couple in Eschawo I've yet to vist (Binner and Roud'n).  But after these past two years it will feel like a privilege to be there at all.
         OT: News from Eschawo by barry on  2021-09-20 03:30:26