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OT: News from Eschawo
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-09-13 01:53:05
Well done!  
I'm sure that you've checked but you've got a pretty good selection of Stube that night - Roud'n & Fiedlschneider in Eschawo; Schafferhof and Schoilmichel in Neuhaus - lucky devils!
Last time that Jason & self were in Roud'n, the Zoigl was not great (I think that Jason abandoned his Seidla) but my friend Ludwig told me that it was ok last weekend - mind you, he does drink the half and half mix!  
I'm sure that between the four Stube that you'll find something worth drinking and the usual Eschawo welcome!
Take care.
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         OT: News from Eschawo by barry on  2021-09-20 03:30:26