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B.A in Upper Franconia
Posted by Mads Klinkby/Dedollewaitor on 2020-07-11 12:12:56
Greadl is amazing. And their Dunkler Bock during christmas and fastenzeit is just crazy.

 Been to Heckel once and the beer was incredibly musty, dusty and oxidized. It's been on my "to go back to" list for years. Holzlein ive been wanting to visit since it's easy and I like their bottled beers ived had from them but for some reason they always are closed vacation or ruhetag when I am there. Having been to Forchheim in years and only been to Schmausenkeller once - lovely view and fine beers.
  How is the quality in Hirschhaid and Wagner? Passing it on bike next week..
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