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Hummel Merkendorf
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2020-08-27 10:47:14
Fair assesment of Hummel I think.  I haven't tried every beer they make but there have been one or two that I didn't like.  Cowboy Schwarzbier being one.  I can't recall the other one but I think it may have been either the Maerzen or a Festbier or maybe both. 

However, the beers that that I do like at Hummel I like a lot.  That includes the Kellerbier and the three different bock biers I've had there (Maibock, and both the dark and pale bocks they release in the Fall).  For me those 4 beers are better than anything I've had a Wagner.  Although it's also fair to say that I haven't had a beer at Wagner that I didn't like.  As you said every beer seems to be well made.

So for me it's Hummel over Wagner mainly for the kellerbier, the bocks (especially after having their bocks from the barrel at their Bockbieranstich - that was phenomenal), and also Hummel really knows how to throw a great hoedown (i.e. Bierabend and Bockbieranstich).

Then again the last time I was in Wagner (last year) it was a great time with an impromptu music session breaking out. 

I don't know.  It's close enough that both should be visited when in Merkendorf.
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