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Hummel Merkendorf
Posted by Jason on 2020-08-27 10:43:44
Each to their own, but I've never been a fan of buying a load of beers and tasting through them. I can say I've never bought a tasting tray in my life. And as for these rate beer (etc) gatherings where people taste 100 beers at a sitting... basically it's trainspotting. Really not doing justice to the brewer's art whatsoever. Especially in Germany, where beer is a thirst quencher, not to be sipped like a brandy. I know it's different when you're new in Germany and maybe it's a bit 'kid in a sweet shop' territiory. Anyway, just my opinion. 

This is probably one of the longest running 'debates' on the forum since I've been on. To be fair, most people agree that both breweries are very good. It's a bit like Spezial and Faessla (the pubs, Spezi as a brewery makes far better products); different atmospheres, different clientele. You pays your money and takes your choice. I always try to visit both in Merkendorf, but i'm often a bit disappointed by the U at Wagner. Always seems a bit lifeless. I don't drink the Cowboy Schwarz, so I can't be disappointed. But I think your theory is a little flawed if you visit Wagner first all the time; it doesn't reflect negatively on Hummel, more positively on Wagner. As said, both are very good in the main. 

Yes, they brew a large range and, as I said, at Sandkerwa once the beer was terrible, as they have the Merkendorf Kerwa the week before, so I imagine they can't lager the beer volume they need for long enough. 
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