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Hummel Merkendorf
Posted by FredW on 2020-08-27 07:04:42
When I'm in Bamberg with the "Sticke" group, we always do a day trip (via bus) to Merkendorf and Memmelsdorf. At both Wagner and Hummel we first order one of every beer they have on draft (has been as high as 8 at Wagner and 10 at Hummel!)

We go to Wagner first and the usually everybody orders a second of whichever one they liked.

At Wagner every beer is well made and very drinkable. At Hummel some are good to great and some are fair to poor. If you only drink the Hummel Kellerbier, Pils and rauchbier (Räucherla?) you'd come away with a very positive impression. Being ever optimists, we include the Cowboy Schwartzbier in our order (if it is on) -- so long as one guy is with us. He is dacetyl blind and likes dark beers so he will drink it. For me, it ranks up there among the worst beers I've ever had in Franconia. The rest of the beers are OK but there have been some with higher levels of diacetyl than I like. I think because they brew so many styles that those outside the "core range" suffer. This may account for the differing opinions.

BTW, there have been times were the group consensus was to stay at Wagner and skip Hummel. The group is not 100% the same every year and we don't do that if one member hasn't been to both but some have been to a fair number of times (for folks who visit once a year at most) and so have a good feel for both breweries. As for me, I have never not been to Wagner if they are open. I can't say the same for Hummel.
                   Hummel Merkendorf by Jason  on  2020-08-27 10:43:44
                   Hummel Merkendorf by Mark Andersen on  2020-08-27 10:47:14
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