Schweinheimer Str. 117
Aschaffenburg 63743

 0 60 21/ 93 00 92

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Comment from William Lord on 2010-05-01 17:25:38

 I was stationed in Aschaffenburg in 1963-64 and I remember Schwindbrau as one of the local breweries, although I don't know exactly how many there were and I don't remember if the Schwindbrau brewery had a gasthaus. I don't remember it being one of the beers I saw most aften in A'burg (as we called it) and I have the impression that it may have been predominant in certain parts of the city that perhaps we din't go to very often. I remember a brewery that I think was the Bavaria which I went to fairly often. I hope it still exists.

Comment from DougN on 2010-09-23 08:19:31

 Somewhat far from the center of Aschaffenburg but well worth the visit. We arrived before the Braeustubl was officially opened but the Wirt welcomed us anyway, sitting with us and chatting enthusiastically about beer. The Kellerbier I sampled was easily the best I have tried west of the Spessart (maybe not much of a claim), light but nicely hopped. I did not try the Pils that was also on tap, and on weekends draft Dunkeles and Weizen are available.

Comment from Larry P. on 2010-12-31 12:40:55

 My wife and I where stationed in Aschaffenburg in 1968-69. We lived down the street on Schweinheimer Str for six months.We love visiting the brewery and today we can still remember the smells of the beer being brewed. Every monthly payday we would visit the brewey and buy a case of 24 bottles of snap caps. I think we paid $2.oo dollars per caseermany.The beer is the best ever. We still have our Schwindbrou glasses & mugs we purchased prior to leaving the great country of Germany. We look forward to returning in the next few years

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