Brauerei Schlappeseppel Gmbh

Brauerei Schlappeseppel Gmbh

Schlossgasse 24
Aschaffenburg 63739
Stopped brewing in 2002

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Comment from Criss Morrison on 2002-12-27 07:52:19

 Schlappeseppel beer is the best beer in the world!!!!! I love the restaurant, the food, the pretty waitress and Aschaffenburg. I sure wish I could order the beer over the internet and have it shipped to me here in Panama City Beach, Florida. Prost!!!

Comment from Terry Green on 2006-03-31 13:59:55

 No doubt, the very best beer...I have returned just to taste the beer over and over, I even brought friends over, who agree, its the best.

Comment from Nicholas Alforde on 2008-01-13 00:37:41

  November 1966 I arrived in Germany. I was an 18 year old soldier from Jaeger Kaserne. I snuck out the night I arrived and started walking. It began to snow. I found the Schlappeseppel and looked in the windoes at the glowing conviviality and yearned to be partof it. I went in, sat down and had a beer. I think it was brought to me by Theo. It cost 1 mark (or was it 77 phennig?). I returned the next day in the light and saw the destroyed towers of the Johannesburg Castle and felt embarrassed. I went in and met some students about my age. I remember especially Quarki and his sister Katrina (?)Buttner. Within weeks I met Herr und Frau Vogel, their son and their grand children. I liked sitting on the brown tiles because they were so warm in the winter-time. I made this place my favourite place while I was in the army along with Zum Engel and the "Krestens" two wunderful ancient sister who sereved half liter glasses of apple wine at a farm-stead up the hill from town. The "appewoi" cost 44 phennig and there was a picture of a very young King Ludwig II above the heating stove. The sisters also served schmer-brot and Bavaria Bier. I liked the applewine most. It only took one month in the US after I'd gotten out of the Army to realize that my home was Aschaffenburg, not the US. I returned to Ascaffenburg and the Schlappeseppel, grew my hair out long, and just existed for two years after that basically living on the air I breathed. . .and the kindness of my friends. These were my carefree days. . .the most valuable in my life. Who do I remember? Immi Imhoff who played drums in a band---the name of which is lost to me. I remember Doris Galm and her brother Helmut (their father was a dentist). I was in love with Doris but she never knew it. A thousand faces but I'm 61 now and the names are gone. . .how sad. What a wonderful time: parties up on the "kippe'burg" up beyond the old sisters apple-wine place. Eventually I would actually work at the Schlappeseppel as a "schwarz" Arbeiter in the Anfuellung. I remember two brothers with long red hair "Kopferdach" I thing they were apprentices "Lehrlinge" (Alois?) I also had the job of delivering beer for the Schlappeseppel to the shops and homes around the neighborhood. I can still remember the clatter like drunken cathedral bells the bottles made as I pulled the wagon over the cobblestones. I remember the sun in my face, the absolute beauty of the area, the beauty of my own youth and the naive trust that it would go on for ever. Oh yes, I remember the Schlappeseppel very well. --Nicholas Alforde

Comment from michael f small on 2010-02-06 14:23:10

 I was stationed in Aschaffenburg with the Arfy from 1959 to 1961. I remember going to the schlappeseppel brewery many times for a large glass of Dunkle beer or sometimes pilsner. It costs 1 Mark, which was equivalent to 25 cents, American. It was always quiet there and the owners and other customers were very friendly. One evening the owner took me down to the basement to see where the beer was brewed and aged. I still remember it as the best beer I have ever tasted-and that includes a lot of beers. I still have a reoccuring dream about going looking for ther breweri and not being able to find it. I have been back once and hope to return again.

Comment from shelley on 2010-03-14 00:07:43

 I was with Mr. Alforde in 1971. Not just in Germany, but many countries in Europe. I have to be frank and say Germany was my least favorite. If you don't speak German, there is not much you can do to communicate, and as a woman not much respect given. But it has the best beer in the world. That part I do remember!

Comment from Lee Beaulac on 2010-03-18 19:52:56

 I too had the good fortune of being stationed in Aschaffenburg during the late 60's and, for me, the nights spent at Schlappeseppel and down the street at Ralphs Gasthaus were among the very best memories of my youth. Not frequented by many GIs (they were busy at the Dixie Club), I had an opportunity to meet some really fine local folks who helped me get to know the area, the local culture and, well, the "scene'. I have been back twice over the years and am planning to go back in November. This time I'm taking two of my best friends. Prost!

Comment from William Lord on 2010-05-01 17:19:19

 I was stationed at Jaeger Kaserne from early 1963 to mid-summer of 1964 when I was transfered to Wurzburg. I missed the Schlappeseppel beer so much I would make trips up from Wurzburg with little else in mind but to visit the gasthaus and partake of the beer. I wish I had some now.

Comment from DougN on 2010-09-23 08:14:00

 Schlapppeseppel is a great pub - full of activity at all hours of the day. But the beer (brewed by Eder of Grossostheim) is nothing special. It is above the quality of the mass-brewed beers but not at the level of what one expects of Franconian beer. For instance, the kellerbier had a citric taste with no hops bitterness.

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