zum Löwenbräu


More information on Neuhaus can be found at www.adelsdorf.de (German) 

Hauptstr. 3
Neuhaus 91325

 09195 7221


Get off at Adelsdorf Markplatz.

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Comment from Nick B. on 2006-03-20 01:29:54

 Bus 205 does not lead directly to Neuhaus, however. From Erlangen, take the 205 or 202 bus and connect either in Adelsdorf or HeÃ?dorf-Hannberg with the 247 or 246, respectively. (Don't take my word for it though--check for yourself first via the DB link above.) Or better, bike from Erlangen or Baiersdorf--it's only about an hour or so, which is about as long as the bus will take (the 246 and 247 are quite infrequent). The range of beers are nice enough and the food is great at the hotel/Gaststätte. What really shines is the keller, located just off the bike path in the woods on the way to Röttenbach. The Kellerbier is quite pale and clean--perfect for biking. Obligatory Panorama Foto: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j175/erlangernick/loewenbraeu_felsenkeller_neuhaus.jpg

Comment from Jürgen Wening on 2009-06-15 02:04:51

 The Keller is beautiful: 1 km away from the village, amidst the woods. Superb aim. The beers: Kellerbier: Pale, hoppy, aromatic. A minor classic. The Hausbrauer beer: Very aromatic, hoppy again, "dark" tasting. The Pils: Just perfect for a microbrew Pilsener. Actually confronted with the facade of the brewery hotel (Yes, hotel!) I didn't expect such a nice interior and such great beers. Recommended. This area is a good spot anyway, as Uehlfeld is just a few miles away.

Comment from Mat W on 2010-07-05 12:09:40

 Visited on 06/17/10. Had a lovely walk in the rain from the market place in Adelsdorf when the 247 (10.45) failed to show up. Took about 50 minutes. The brewery is over to your right as you eneter the village (just after the carp ponds). The service was very good (I was the only person there at 12.00 on a Thursday). Beer very good. Tried the Edel Pils and the Hausbrau - both superb. The Hausbrau came in a stunning old stein-krug. BE WARNED. Have another lovely bus experience when the 12.30 number 247 bus to Hochstadt never showed up either. I managed to blag my way onto a bus full of schoolkids heading to Adelsdorf.

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