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Off Topic(Not Franconian): Interbrew buys Spaten/Löwenbräu
Posted by DonS on 2003-09-23 14:11:48
I found out something: Interbrew didn't buy Tucher. Brau und Brunnen did. I mention this because Interbrew's publicity (and the news reports) went on about Interbrew "establishing a presence in southern Germany." Interbrew also posted a picture of a map of Germany on its web site, with all the locations of its acquisitions: Beck's up north, Diebels, Gilde in Hannover, Hasseroeder in northeastern Germany, and in the south, Spaten, Löwenbräu, Dinkelacker, Schwaben Bräu, Sanwald, and Cluss now all become Interbrew brands, but note no mention of Tucher. So I googled a bit, and the hits turned up stories on Brau und Brunnen's acquisition of Tucher. B&B has publicly stated that, like Holsten, it would be quite happy to consider (and possibly accept) takeover offers from bigger brewing interests. Thoughts on Interbrew's acquisitions? Look to see consolidation in the future, not necessarily of brand names but of brewing facilities, because that's a tried and true Interbrew strategy. They'd just better hope the locals don't ever find out. If word got out that, for instance, Spaten, Löwenbräu, and Dinkelacker all were being brewed at the same Munich brewery, the Spaten and Löwenbräu drinkers might raise a bit of a fuss, but imagine Stuttgarter beer-drinkers' reactions when they find out that several of their hometown brands are no longer brewed there! But what else will Interbrew do with a brand portfolio that includes several Pilsners, a couple of Alts, and at least two wheat-beer brands? Another thing to consider: there are some in the industry who think that Interbrew's acquisition binge is being done at too high a price, and in a few years, Interbrew will either sell off or write down the less-profitable, marginal operations. That could result in the permanent disappearance of a brand or two. Now, the next question might be: who will acquire B&B, and in the process, wind up with Tucher? Are there any other Franconian breweries that might be acquisition targets?
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