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Off Topic(Not Franconian): Interbrew buys Spaten/Löwenbräu
Posted by Jos Brouwer on 2003-09-23 14:54:25
Well, 62% of what is remaining in Kulmbach (i.e. mainly previously known as EKU, as both Mönchhof and Reichelbräu have been closed) is already in the hands of Heineken via its participation in Paulaner. IIRC also Sturm (Coburg) and Scherdel (Hof) have since been absorbed in this cluttering. I'm trying to think of other breweries that might be large enough to be interesting to be out of the way of the expansion of the hungry groups. Leikeim? Püls (Weismain)? Zirndorfer? Kitzmann? Riegele (Augsburg)? Maisel (Bayreuth - although they are already 33% property of Veltins)? Eschenbacher Wagnerbräu (Eltmann - although I doubt that would be a great loss)? I think I'd better stop, I might start giving those bastards ideas...