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Hummel in Merkendorf: public transport
Posted by jezrauchbier on 2005-09-23 13:09:17 Lists the buses that run to and from the ZOB in the centre of Bamberg, clicking on the "H" signs gives the apropriate timetables. Bus 17 is shown as a direct link to Merkendorf but is intermittent so some planning is neccesary. Also note that many of the routes do little circles at the end of the run so you end up catching a bus travelling in the same direction as you got off it which can be a little confusing when you've had a few (its confusing me just reading it back). A map of the ZOB bus routes is here I think there are around 8 or 9 breweries outside Bamberg covered by this map. The Touristen Karte is about 7 euro and gives 48 hours travel, so you can cover a fair few of the breweries in that time.
     Hummel in Merkendorf: public transport by mike004 on  2005-09-24 11:09:40
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