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Hummel in Merkendorf: public transport
Posted by jezrauchbier on 2005-09-26 15:07:48
Forchheim is well worth the trip, 3 brewery bars in a block of 4 buildings and the other brewery bar a short walk away. An extremely attractive town with an impressive Rathaus and the Kellerberg if the weathers nice. Buttenheim station is a bit of a walk from the town itself but there is a Lowenbrau bar just off the platform. If you make it to Forchheim its worth a short trip to Ebermannstadt on the train, its on the edge of Franconian Switzerland and has two more pleasant breweries (plus a preserved steam railway line if you like that sort of thing).
             Hummel in Merkendorf: public transport by mike004 on  2005-09-27 01:10:13
             Forchheim, Buttenheim, and Ebermannstadt by UncleJimbo on  2005-09-28 14:56:15
               Forchheim, Buttenheim, and Ebermannstadt by UncleJimbo on  2005-09-28 15:43:39
                 Forchheim, Buttenheim, and Ebermannstadt by jezrauchbier on  2005-09-29 12:56:21
                   Forchheim, Buttenheim, and Ebermannstadt by Uncle Jimbo on  2005-10-06 12:49:48