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Hummel in Merkendorf: public transport
Posted by jezrauchbier on 2005-09-25 03:19:24
I visited the following, Brauerei Müller in Debring Brauerei Göller in Drosendorf Brauerei Höhn in Memmelsdorf Brauerei Drei Kronen in Memmelsdorf Mühlenbräu in Mühlendorf Brauerei zur Sonne in Bischberg Brauerei Eichhorn in Dörfleins All had good beers, Drie Kronen Pils and Mühlenbräu Bock being my favourites. I had meals in the last 4 and if I had to pick two places would say Brauerei Drei Kronen and Mühlenbräu. I failed to get to Brauerei Knoblach in Schammelsdorf Brauerei Hummel and Brauerei Wagner in Merkendorf although I did pick up some of their beers at Vroni's in Bamberg
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