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Annafest vs. Sandkerwa
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-11-09 22:22:08
I haven't been to Sandkerwa, so I can't comment on the merits but I can describe some differences: Sandkerwa is more "urban" -- its a street festival. Its very crowded (someone told me it took them over an hour to go about 500m down Sandstrasse) but that can be part of the fun. From what I'm told, there is a better selection of beer (thanks in good part to Cafe Abseits which has a large bar) Annafest is more "rural" -- it takes place on tree covered hill. It also gets very crowded, but not as packed as Sandkerwa (or so I'm told). There is lots of good beer, but I think selection of really good beer is a bit less. Also, beer is sold by the liter so it helps to have somebody to share a mass if you are going for variety. Since Annafest occurs around the time of the Great British Beer Festival, the timing is a little better for me (and throw in the Berlin International Beer Fest and you can drink a lot of very different beer in a short time!)
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