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Annafest vs. Sandkerwa
Posted by Fred Waltman on 2005-11-10 07:56:42
I describe Annafest as the "County Fair" version of Oktoberfest -- and I mean that as a compliment. A friend once stayed at the Hotel Franken ( ) and had no complaints. Its a short train ride from Bamberg so you could easily stay there, especially if you were near the train station. As for the 1 liter -- find somebody to drink with :) I had the opportunity to follow along with the Kellertest Kommitte this past summer. Its a (floating) group that for the past 20 years has visited all the kellers on one day and rates them on six or seven different things (beer, quality of service, cleanliness, etc.) That was hard work, but at least there was a group so you didn't have to drink a liter on your own.
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