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Annafest vs. Sandkerwa
Posted by Nick B. on 2005-11-12 01:29:43
Yeah, although Annafest has 10 or so (?) beers brewed specifically for the fest, it is not really a *beer* fest. It's sort of the equivalent of a Forchheim county fair, where families go to spend a day with games, rides and food, and where people like us go to pound down litres of special beers from little local breweries (mostly) which are brewed only once a year. (When we're careful enough, we don't then later fall off our bikes on the way back down the hill to the Bahnhof. Nope, never.) Here are 3 panaramic photos I made during our 30.07.2005 Annafest visit; yeah, I'm no photographer, and yeah, I'd already sampled a bit by the time I took these. I tried to capture the surroundings of the fest: as others have noted, it sort of winds its way up a steep, wooded hill. On another topic, I'm new around this webbie, and just want to note that I'm not the same guy who posted numerous reviews a year or two ago. From now on I'll use "Nick B."
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