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Vollbier color
Posted by sergio ancellotti on 2011-02-11 05:19:21
Yes, I had a Vollbier at Witzgall two summers ago (directly from the wooden barrel) and it was really pale, like a Helles. As for Waischenfeld's Heckel Bier, even if it's often called "Helles" (also on this website), I noticed the locals in Waischenfeld call it "Vollbier". Not as pale as the one I had in Schlammersdorf, but still on the Helles-side I think. For the dark side I have found Beck'n Bier, the Vollbier from Brauerei Herold in B├╝chenbach quite similar in color to the Vollbier brewed by Brauerei Meister (Unterzaunsbach).
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