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Vollbier color
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-02-11 07:30:46
The Witzgall Vollbier is served under CO2 from the tap in the Gastst├Ątte Monday - Saturday, whereas the Lager (the unfiltered "Landbier") is from the barrel at the Bierkeller on Sundays & holidays. (I have to repeat this every so often so that I keep it straight in my own head.)
                                     Vollbier color by sergio ancellotti on  2011-02-11 07:39:10
                                       Vollbier color by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-02-11 13:12:38
                                       Vollbier color by Nick B. on  2011-02-12 02:40:10
                                         Witzgall Keller by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-02-12 04:41:53
                                           Witzgall Keller by Nick B. on  2011-02-12 05:11:11
                                             Witzgall Keller by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-02-12 05:38:46
                                               Witzgall Keller by sergio ancellotti on  2011-02-12 09:38:22
                                                 Witzgall Keller by Nick B. on  2011-02-13 02:52:00
                                                   Witzgall Keller by sergio ancellotti on  2011-02-13 03:18:42