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Witzgall Keller
Posted by sergio ancellotti on 2011-02-12 09:38:22
First of all, sorry for the simplification: when I said "wooden barrel" I meant "the standard aluminum kegs used for gravity pour (but painted to look like wood)"...I'm sorry! This said, the "confusion" is still on because: 1 We asked for a Vollbier 2 We were at the Gastst├Ątte in the village (in summer time) 3 Herr Witzgall poured two unfiltered helles-beers in a glass (not in a Krug) It was my first time at this Gastst├Ątte and knowing they produce a Vollbier I asked for that...
                                                 Witzgall Keller by Nick B. on  2011-02-13 02:52:00
                                                   Witzgall Keller by sergio ancellotti on  2011-02-13 03:18:42