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Between Memmingen and Windischeschenbach
Posted by Barry on 2011-04-21 07:56:12
A little poser for all firends on the forum! Our well-advertised visit to Eschawo leaves us with a possible couple of spare days. We arrive in Memmingen (Ryanair Munchen West!) at 16.20 on Weds May 25 and don't have to be in Eschawo until Friday May 27 (say by 18.00 to ensure good night in Beim Binner, Weisse Schwann, or Schoilmichel if we're feeling energetic - unlikely. So, somewhere that we can reach by train from Memmingen that's more or less en route to Eschawo where we could spend 2 nights and have plenty of variety of good drinking (variety more important than quantity!). Oh yes, and we have to be able to find something to eat that's kein fleisch oder fische! I'm going to go thro' the archives but constructive (and physically possible) suggestions welcome. Thanks in anticipation.
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