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Between Memmingen and Windischeschenbach
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-04-24 01:47:13
Yes, and Forchheim is simply a lovely, lovely little town. I actually like the city itself more than its beer, but most people love the beer. Two nights would be just enough to get a great feel for it, I think. Br. Eichhorn have been very consistent since I've been here, though their beers are rather standard. Greif have brewed good and bad beers, I've never personally thought much of Neder's, and when it's in proper nick, Hebendanz's Export Hell is one of the world's great ones. The latter two are normally served by "bayerisch Anstich" "in the Gastst├Ątten. (Hebendanz also have a new bottled low-alc beer that's quite drinkable: B├Ąchla, Franconian for the "creeklet" that runs through town. And others in the bottle.)
                   And... by Nick B. on  2011-04-24 01:54:08