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Posted by barry on 2011-08-19 07:19:58
You're telling me about the Castle and me a Mancunian!!! I first went in the Castle around 50 years ago; at the time, it was the only Robbie's pub in the centre of Manchester (might still be for all I know). It had a long room at the back that could be hired for special occasions and myself and friend used to run a folk club there in the 1960s. Glad to see that the restoration is finished because, the last time I was in Manchester, three years ago, it was closed, much to my disappointment. Forced us into a really grotty pub a few hundred yards further up the street on the left. I'm hoping to try a few beers when in Manchester in a couple of weeks, so we'll see what there is. Sept 5th sounds a really good idea. It would be great if a few more people could join us, as it's great to put faces to cyber space correspondents.
                             Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by DonS on  2011-08-19 09:41:18
                               Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by barry on  2011-08-20 01:43:44
                                 Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by john ratcliffe on  2011-08-20 02:02:06
                                   Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by Nick B. on  2011-08-20 04:58:18
                                     Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by barry on  2011-08-20 13:13:00
                                       Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by Nick B. on  2011-08-21 01:41:12
                                         Cerevisiae Mancuniumis...ack! by Nick B. on  2011-08-21 01:59:17
                                         Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by barry on  2011-08-21 03:15:21