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Cerevisiae Mancuniumis
Posted by Nick B. on 2011-08-21 01:41:12
Sorry Barry, I hope I can be forgiven for confusing Hyde's with Holt's. While I love the Ape & Apple for its classic wooden interior, Holt's doesn't excite me too much, neither the "boring brown bitter" (as the modern-day crop of CAMRA-critic craft [sic] beer proponents call that sort of bitter, a term I personally find fairly fitting often enough) nor the mild. And the Holt's bitter is what I had in mind when I was thinking of Hyde's above. A fascinating experiment --for me, anyway-- would be to compare the Hydes with some of the latter-day trans-Atlantic Golden Ales or half-IPAs such as the Mallinson's Crescent or Hawkeshead Pale. Doubt that would be too likely though, as Hyde's is only in tied houses, right? Ape & Apple interior, across from the bar: .
                                         Cerevisiae Mancuniumis...ack! by Nick B. on  2011-08-21 01:59:17
                                         Cerevisiae Mancuniumis by barry on  2011-08-21 03:15:21