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Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg
Posted by TreinJan on 2011-08-22 07:23:54
Schanzenbräu, Nürnberg is now open every day from 11:30, with "Mittagstisch" on weekdays. They were already open all day during the weekend. This info is on their facebook page, not on the website. As it is only a short ride on the U1 from the main station, that means you can go there to have a meal and good beer when there is a stopover.
   Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-22 23:56:53
     Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Jürgen Wening on  2011-08-23 00:04:09
       Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-23 00:57:19
         Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by barry on  2011-08-23 02:43:42
           Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-23 02:57:10
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                     Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Uncle Jimbo on  2011-08-23 22:26:41
     Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-23 23:50:52
                     Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by barry on  2011-08-24 01:16:52
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         Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-24 03:52:04
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           Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg by Nick B. on  2011-08-24 12:09:31
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