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Germanic chicken, English egg
Posted by DonS on 2011-08-24 08:29:24
Nothing odd about it, Barry. The very word "England" ("Ængla land") is derived from the Germanic-Saxonic tribe's name - "Angle" as it's now spelled. The Germanic chicken predates the English egg, as it were. Going back to proto-Indo-European roots is another matter entirely; that's where we find that German, English, Italian, Russian, and Urdu, and yes, Latin and Sanskrit, all share this common long-ago basis, just for starters! And others have noted that pre-Anglo-Saxon invasion, the Celtic language(s) were predominant in what is now England. Only a fraction of the Celtic vocabulary and grammar survived in vestigal form to be incorporated into English. The Roman invasion/occupation of England also occured long before the Anglo-Saxons showed up; only the Vikings and Normans showed up later, and the Vikings' Old Norse tongue had a fair bit in common with the Old Germanic-English that had come into use, and blended with it, much as the Vikings themselves blended with the Anglo-Saxon descended peoples. And then there were those pesky Normans who had to muck everything up with their own Old Norman French dialect, a mish-mash of something resembling French with a generous dose of Old Norse vocabulary. ObBeer: "öl" and "ale" are derived from a common Old Norse root, just as "Bier" and "beer" are derived from a common Germanic root, but these terms are not universal across Indo-European lines. Compare to Slavic "pivo," Latinic-Italic "cerevisia" (which was actually a Celtic loan word!), and ancient Greek "zythos." All this talk of beer makes for a powerful thirst, one to be slaked in the near future...
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