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Schanzenbraeu, Nuremberg
Posted by J├╝rgen Wening on 2011-08-24 04:48:08
That's correct. Most still existing celtic words in germanic territory refer to place names. The city name Colchester for example roots in the roman name Camulodunum. Camulos is a celtic god, dun a celtic castle. I really hope that the remaining spoken celtic languages (Irish and Scots Gaelic, Cymraeg, Breizhonneg) will survive our modern times. Even Cornish could be reanimated to a spoken language. But that's probably only my wishful thinking as an admirer of the celtic tribes and cultures. In Galicia language scientists are doing research about the native celtic tongue of Galicia and Asturies in pre-roman times. Probably because the 'celtic league' only recognizes celtic speaking groups as a celtic nation. Which seems ridicoulous if you look at the percentages of native celtic speakers in the recognised celtic nations. Well, Wales is quite an exception. In the north you don't hear a lot of english language. Okay, all that has nothing to do with beer, so I should find an elegant reconciliation... ... drink beer from Loch Fyne Brewery! ;-)
                           Celtic-Language Beer-Drinkin' by DonS on  2011-08-24 08:24:29