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Kellersaison 2012
Posted by barry on 2012-04-12 12:20:34
Basically, yes. We are booked in a lovely fewo just a hundred yards or so from all the Windisch zoiglstube - and it's a nice walk, though all uphill going, to Neuhaus. The people are really friendly, so we have good company all the time and there's a great freibad and excellent walks in the Waldnaabtal to occupy our days. It's really about just relaxing in a nice place but with excellent and great value pubs as a side issue. We're going to spend one weekend with friends in the Erzegebirge and may get the chance to see a little bit of that area. We may also use the Egronet to visit the Czech Republic and possibly Bayern card to go elsewhere. Any suggestions for good places easily reached in a day from Eschawo? Been to Regensburg, Weiden, Bayreuth and, of course, Bamberg, which is a bit tricky for a day trip, so we'll save until autumn. Of course, we will make another visit to Falkenberg to see other than Kramer. So you see, six weeks will soon pass, specially if the weather is good!
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